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Photo Gallery - 2012 Pantograph Quilts


(Long-Arm Quilting Services)


All over Quilting or Pantograph Quilting.

This type of quilting refers to a continuous line quilting pattern that is quilted over the quilt top from edge to edge.

It is quilted without regard to how the quilt top is pieced together. 



This was for a client.  It was a block of the month from SonFlower Quilts called "Gerta".

I call this pattern "swirly hearts"


This was another "Gerta" block of the month.  Look how different the quilt looks when you use different setting fabrics.


This quilting pattern was called "Spikey Chevron".  Very masculine looking.

This is a client's modern quilt.  Love the subtle colors

This quilting pattern is called "swirl pantograph


This is a 2010 Thimbleberries quilt called "Village Green".

The quilting we chose looks like clouds and stars or kites in the sky.  Very appropriate for a village scene.

This was another client's quilt that we quilted. It had beautiful squares and so we did an allover pattern called "winding feathers.


This was a baby quilt.  My client drew Bible scenes all over it and then we quilted it

Here's a close-up of the quilting pattern called "moons".  It's important to have not very dense quilting on a baby quilt - otherwise it gets too heavy.

This is a beautiful quilt, made from a block of the month from Sonflower Quilts from a few years ago

I thought it looked like a spring garden.  So we chose an allover feathery pattern that looked like butterflies.  Just beautiful.


This is a client's halloween quilt.  She'll be using it as a table topper, so it's reversible.  Here's the front:


Here's a close up of the quilting.  I call the pattern "Viney Pumpkins"

This was a little flag wallhanging.

This is the smallest quilt I've done on the frame yet.

Here's a 7-star table runner.

Here's a closeup of the quilting

Here's a quilt we called "Twigs" because of the pattern in the fabric

This pattern was called "Spikey feathers"


This is the pattern called "Swirl"

The pattern we used is called "double feathers" and echoes the design in the border.  We used variegated gold thread.

This was a client's quilt.  It is a Thomas Kincade panel quilt.

This pattern is called "winter wonderland"



The quilting pattern is called "Pentas".  Perfect in the dark beige thread.

The quilting pattern is called "Double Feathers" and we used a pink variegated thread called "Cotton Candy".

This quilting pattern is called "Birds & Flowers"


This is a quilt called "Many Paths" in a purple/green batik colorway and fabric.

The quilting pattern is called "Bubbly"

Here's a striking quilt.


The quilting was called

 "Feathers 1"

Love this one.  So girly....

This quilting pattern is called "Fluttering Hearts"

This pattern is called "Flowers & Birds"

This is a client's t-shirt quilt.  She made it for her grandson.

This was a custom drawn quilting design that we made just for this quilt.  We called it "Block O".

Here's a quilt from a gal's home-ec class in high school.  She had quilted it herself, but wasn't happy with the results.  So she took it to us.  We ripped out all the existing quilting, put in new 100% cotton batting and re-quilted it.  It turned out great.

The quilting pattern is called "Fluttering Hearts"

Here's a photo quilt that our client made for her husband.

We used a variegated thread, which perfectly brought together all the colors in the quilt.  The pattern is called "fleur de lis"

Here's a client's signature quilt.


The quilting pattern is called "pansy swirl".

This is a scrappy version of the traditional "Jacob's Ladder" quilt pattern.

The picture below is the back of the quilt so you can see the quilting pattern.  It's "pansy swirl".  What a great quilting pattern that works for so many different quilts.

Here's a quilt that was made for a raffle to support a local fire station.  It raised $300!

The quilting pattern is called "Holly & Curls"

Here's a beautiful modern Christmas quilt, all in red and aquas.

The quilting pattern is called "Holly Berries"

Here's another "Many Paths" quilt, but in autumn colors.

The quilting pattern is called "Bubbly"

This is a client's t-shirt quilt for her son.

This is a good example of how you can make the t-shirt quilt two-sided and reversible.

Here's a really fun Charlie Brown quilt.

The quilting is an all over "meander" pattern

This was a custom quilt made for the Southview High School auction, to benefit the band who is going to Disney this spring break.

I called it "rainbow split rail".

The quilting pattern is a freehand quilting pattern called "swirl"

Here's a client's t-shirt quilt for her son.

The quilting pattern is called "musical adventure"

This was a block of the month from Sonflower Quilts.

This quilting pattern is called "ornaments" and was done in variegated gold thread.  Just gorgeous.

This is a traditional Christmas quilt made with Kansas Trouble Quilters fabric.

This quilting pattern is called "poinsettia & holly"

Here's another beautiful Christmas quilt, in more modern colors.


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