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Photo Gallery - 2011 Pantograph Quilts


(Long-Arm Quilting Services)


All over Quilting or Pantograph Quilting.

This type of quilting refers to a continuous line quilting pattern that is quilted over the quilt top from edge to edge.

It is quilted without regard to how the quilt top is pieced together. 



My daughter pieced all the blocks for this quilt.  Then I pieced it together and quilted it. 

This overall pattern is called "Pentas"

This is a black and white snowball quilt pattern, quilted for a client

Quilted with an allover pattern called "Pansy Swirl"

This ended up being an extra long twin, perfect for the dorm room. 

This was a fun one to quilt - we used very pretty variegated thread.  This is an allover pattern called "Pansy Swirl"

A french braid pattern made from what is called a "jelly roll" (or a roll of 40 strips that are 2 1/2 inches wide)

Quilted with a subtle brown variegated thread, in the pattern I call "Cinnamon Swirls"

This baby quilt was quilted for a client. 

I used a quilting pattern with lion, giraffes and elephant, all of which were in the fabric in the quilt.  This quilting pattern is called "Animal Parade"

This wall hanging quilt made by a client for her daughter for Christmas.

This quilt originally had been started to be hand quilted.  It had gotten bunched up.  So we un-quilted part of it and put it on the frame.  I was then able to take her hand quilting pattern and convert it to a continuous line design.  I call the design "windy day"

This quilt was made by a client for her daughter-in-law for Christmas.  I call it the pink and green zebra quilt.

We quilted it with black thread in a pattern I drew up and call "zebra stripes"

This was for my son's 21st birthday - I call it the plaid pinwheel

This was actually a semi-custom quilt.  It was  a pantograph pattern, but I fit it in each row of pinwheels.  The pattern is called "Fleur de Lis

This is a client's quilt made from a panel of trains.

You can see the quilting here.  It's a pattern called "smoke"

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