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Photo Gallery - Memorial Clothing Quilts

These quilts were made with clothing from a loved one. 

This can include t-shirts, dress shirts, flannel shirts or pajama pants, sweatshirts, or fleece shirts.


  Complete Quilt Top Close up of Quilting
This is a 3x4 (16" blocks) with sashing.  My client's mother had passed away and she wanted 2 memorial quilts made for Christmas gifts - one for her daughter and one for her brother.  This one was made for her daughter. They both love red and aqua. This is an example of an embroidery specialty block that can be custom made for a quilt.

This is a 3x4 (16" blocks) with sashing.  This is the quilt my client had made for her brother.


The materials in these quilts were mostly sweatshirt and fleece.  You can see how beautifully it quilted.

The following quilts were a group of 6 made from dress and polo shirts and and flannel pajama pants.   They were for the siblings and spouse of a gentleman who had passed away.     
Here's the red, white and blue one.  
This is the Red, green and blue one.  The picture doesn't accurately represent the colors in this quilt.  They were very rich and the red in particular was beautiful.  This picture showed it a little washed out.  
This is the blue, green and beige one.  
This is the blue and white one. Here's a close-up of the quilting.

This is the purple, beige and white one. Here's a close-up of this quilting.

This is the blue and yellow one.   This picture is a little washed out.  These colors were very rich looking, too.  


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