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Caring for your Quilt

[Note:  These instructions apply to t-shirt quilts, as well as any of the other custom made quilts that we make.]

Many t-shirt images fade over time, as anyone who has a well-loved shirt knows, but your finished t-shirt quilt is generally washable.  What Sylvania Quilting has done for your quilt:  all materials used in the quilt were completely washed before sewing and quilting.  When the quilt was completed, it was washed again.   This was to ensure that all colors have been set and the colors won’t bleed.   So your t-shirt quilt is clean and should not need to be washed again for quite some time.  

Special Instructions for t-shirt quilts with paintYou have been advised that these homemade paint shirts are not durable and that eventually the paint will wash off.  Therefore, your quilt has not been washed.   We quilted these painted blocks with the same pattern as was used in the rest of the quilt.   The quilting may have helped to stabilize the paint, but we can in no way guarantee this   The paint may eventually comes off during washing or use, but you will forever have the beautiful quilting behind the block


Step Instructions
First step


Unless your quilt is soiled, a good airing out is usually all that is needed to freshen your quilt.  To freshen your quilt, tumble it in a cool dryer for a few minutes and shake it out


Washing instructions  

In general, your quilt can be washed in the machine and dried in the dryer – with care.  Wash in cold water and a mild detergent in the gentle cycle for the minimum time.    Wash the quilt by itself.  We do not recommend fabric softeners.    Never use hot water or bleach.  Never dry clean your t-shirt quilt.   If the quilt is large... queen size or larger... we recommend washing it in a front loading machine or at a laundry mat in a large front loading machine.


Color Catchers  

If your quilt has a dark color or red backing or red or dark shirts that you don't trust to be 100% color fast, we recommend you wash it with the Shout Color Catchers.   Again, we have prewashed all fabrics and washed the quilt when it was completed, so it should be colorfast. 

However, if you notice after the first wash that the dye is bleeding (the Color Catchers and the white shirts are the color of your backing) don't panic! Wash it right away again with more Color Catchers. Don't let it dry. Keep it in the washing machine. If the bleeding is bad, it may take two or three additional washes. But by keeping it wet and using the Color Catchers, you should be able to get the excess dye out.


Drying instructions  

You may use a dryer on low heat to tumble the quilt dry.  If possible, tumble until near dry and then lay the quilt out until completely dry.  We do not recommend using dryer sheets, either.    It is better to use lower dryer heat over a longer period of time, than high dryer heat for a short period of time.  Do not iron the t-shirts, as the artwork on the shirts may melt and run.



Failure to follow these instructions will result in less than optimal results.  Avoid extremes of temperature and harsh chemicals.  Pamper your t-shirt quilt and with proper care you should end up with an heirloom for many years to come!